Font Adjuster

Fixing wrong named fonts is a breeze using Font Adjuster.

  Adjusting Fonts Made Simple

Start Font Adjuster and drag a whole family of True Type or Open Type fonts into the window. Now you are able to change the family and subfamily names of all fonts in a simple and easy-to-use interface. An expert system is showing issues and warnings if the naming is not correct. After all work is done, just click on the "Adjust All Fonts..." button to save new versions of all fonts into a directory.

  Technical Details

Fonts have an naming table which contains names and texts for different platforms (Apple®, Windows®, ...), languages and in different encodings. Font Adjuster just focuses on the five fields which have the greatest impact for the user: Family, subfamily, full name, preferred family and preferred subfamily. It checks all provided encodings, languages and platforms to select the best names to fill all fields in the interface.


If the user has changed all the fields, Font Adjuster tries to create the new font files with few changes as possible.


To make sure your new names are always used for your operating system, it first removes the five name fields for all the platforms, languages and in all different encodings. After this cleanup, it creates two entries for each field. One for the Apple® platform and one for the Windows® platform. All other fields, like copyright etc. are exactly preserved in the font file.


The idea behind font adjuster is to adjust the names of old and strange named fonts, especially use the "new" preferred family and preferred subfamily names to put a whole font family under one single family name.

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